prevention of chemical hazard

prevention of chemical hazard

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Prevention of Chemical Hazard

Eurospital has developed two systems which can be adopted in hospitals for the prevention of chemical hazard. These are Securmix and CleanSafe. The first is a system for the safe handling of antineoplastic drugs which enables to reconstitute the drug without removing the syringe. The second is a device for the removal of plasters, adhesive and other residues from the skin in a completely safe and hygienic way. In the prevention of chemical hazard this type of devices are absolutely necessary to guarantee the safety of the personnel. Cleansafe is a medical device of class I CE. It is composed of orange terpenes, preservatives, acetone (5%), water. In its physical state it appears as a liquid emulsion of milky-white colour, with a density at 20°C of between 0,95 – 1 and a pH: 5.5 - 6,5. In order to guarantee its efficiency in the prevention. Once the container has been opened the product has to be used within 6 months. It is highly flammable and has therefore to be kept far from heat sources or sources of ignition. Shake the bottle well before using in order to reconstitute the emulsion. For the prevention of chemical hazard apply on the skin with gauze or cotton with a circular movement.
The prevention of chemical hazard during the handling of antineoplastic drugs requires yet greater attention as it can have serious effects if performed in absence of rules for preventive behaviours. Among the most evident effects caused there is the irritation through contact with the skin and mucosae, local toxicology (phlebitis, in case of effusion and direct contact) and systemic effects in case of absorption. For a complete and correct prevention of chemical hazard during the handling of antineoplastic drugs, an adeguate behaviour ought to be taken on. All directions of the Decree 626/94 concerning the titer on the risk of tumour induction should be followed as if one would come into contact with carcinogenic substances.     continue >>